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Tulum; Top 8 things to do

Top 8 things to do in Tulum, Mexico

Hola bitchachos and welcome to one of my favourite posts devoted to Tulum, Mexico! Tulum is definitely one of my favourite places I’ve visited, mainly because it’s suited for literally anyone. There’s so many things to do, that you’re bound to have fun whatever your trips purpose might be. Whether you’re looking to have some down time and relax, or whether you’re looking to party it out and make unforgettable memories, look no further than Tulum!

So without further ado, here’s the top eight things I did in Tulum that made my trip a one to remember!

One: Cenotes

Cenote Labnaha

So this cenote isn’t your average cenote bombarded with people. Labnaha is a privately owned cenote, and hence the entrance cost is $40 – a price which is super expensive, considering the rest cenotes costs 100 mexican pesos. However, paying the price comes with its perks! You get a complete private experience, in a S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G cenote with a private guide to fully explain the history of this beauty. Furthermore, you also get the opportunity to full on cave dive. Granted it was an awesome experience, but if you’re claustrophobic, I would opt out. Additionally, if the weather isn’t the best, and you’d be expecting heavy rain, again, just to be safe, opt out.

Cenote Calavera

This cenote isn’t far from the centre if you’re staying on Tulum Beach. It’s super cheap to enter, just 100 mexican pesos! However, since it is super easy to enter, probability is that there will be a few people there enjoying the stunning area. If you’d rather have some private time, go as early as possible! The water and the ambience is surreal.

cenote cavalera in Tulum

Two: Beaches

If you’re not already staying at a hotel with a beach, you’ll unfortunately have to pay to enter other private hotel beaches. There’s a minimum spending required, of about $60 per person, but that all goes towards your food and drinks. So go hungry!

Nomade and Be Tulum

These two hotels are next to each other, so you can go to one beach and just walk around. This has got to be hands down the best beach – super clean, amazing views, serviced AF and the sun-beds are so comfy! Due to the fact that the beach is situated in one of the best hotels, the beach is seaweed clean (at least as much as it can). Which is a major plus considering the vast amount of seaweed in Tulum.

Beach Tulum

This beach, although open to the public, isn’t as taken care of as Nomade for example. We chose to go to this beach as it was one of the recommended ones, but to be honest, I didn’t really like it. There was way too much seaweed which was a bummer, I couldn’t even go in the ocean! And the food wasn’t the greatest either…


Oh, what a “heaven-on-earth” place to be. Azulik is definitely a dime on its own. If it’s not the best hotel on Tulum beach road, then it’s definitely on the top 5 list. Azulik is THE bucket list hotel to stay in, but it obviously comes with the pricey side. However, they do offer the option of a day pass at their beach club so you could enjoy the beauty, but go as early as you can as most spots are reserved for guests.

Three: Tulum Beach Road

Tulum beach road is the main road you “have to” be in when visiting Tulum. That’s where nearly all the stuff is. Ranging from shops, to cafes, to bars and restaurants, it’s a tourist heaven. Tulum beach road is a quite large stretch road, and you definitely need some sort of transport to cover it. Most of the people either rent bikes or cars, but there are taxis available. In any case, you have to at least visit there, if you’re not already staying there.


This is kind of a no brainer, cause let me tell you here folks, the shops on Tulum Beach are absolutely stunning! All shops have relatively the same vibe, that is Tulum vibes. Clothes, home accessories, fashion accessories and whatever, they’re also just so pretty and boho. However, be aware that although you’re in Mexico, Tulum isn’t really considered Mexico in terms of prices. Everything is hella expensive! But absolutely stunning, so buy yourself something nice, you deserve it.


The cafes on Tulum beach road are perfectly suited for breakfast. I loved Matcha Mama so much, I wish I could take one of their açai bowls home with me! They are just so yummy, and the “restaurant” is so pretty, it’s a definite must! Another popular breakfast place is the Raw Bar, and yes, serving you delicious raw, organic food! So so good! There’s unlimited options available, and they all guarantee a delicious meal. You’re in Tulum after all, the food is delicious anywhere!

Late Night

There’s no better place to be at than on Tulum Beach Road at night! The whole road is just vibing! There’s shops open till late, bars booming with music and people and the good thing is that walk-ins are accepted everywhere. More late night options are available down below. I’d suggest you be spontaneous one night, don’t plan your night and just see where the night takes you!

Four: Tulum Food

As previously mentioned, the food in Tulum is amazing, really. Like you’re guaranteed to have a delicious meal almost anywhere you go. They are experts at it. Here’s a few of my favourite places I’ve dined at.

Antojitos La Chiapaneca Tacos

I’ve read about Antojitos Tacos a lot before I visited, and I was skeptical in the beginning as I know that Mexican food can be a little risky to experiment with. However, the tacos were so so good. We had their famous ones, Al Pasor, and they’re a definite must! Such authenticity!

La Popular at Nomade Hotel 

So much yum, I cannot stress this enough. We had lunch and dinner at La Popular, that’s how good the food was. There’s a bunch of options, all safe to eat obviously, and the dinner ambience is so cool, chill and chic, I wish I could go there all the time. If you’re there for lunch, don’t miss out on the shrimp tacos – to die for! Otherwise, if you’re visiting Tulum during a full moon party, make sure to be at Nomade on the night – they have a bonfire, and it’s quite the experience.

Casa Jaguar

The awesome thing about Casa Jaguar is that not only can you reserve a table and order a la carte as you’d call it, but walk-ins to eat at one of their amazing buffets is also available. So don’t worry if you don’t manage to make a reservation on time! The buffet is equally as good, but the a la carte table food is out of this world yummy! A must!


Nu is a cosy and yummy restaurant on Tulum Beach that I actually hadn’t read a lot about prior to my visit. And let me tell you folks, it deserves much more recognition than it has. The ambience is super chill, a lovely way to have a relaxed dinner, with the yummiest food. 100% recommend.

Five: Sunset Watching

Azulik Sunset at Birds Nest

So here’s the deal with this place. Azulik is super popular, and a definite not-to-be-missed thing to do in Tulum. Azulik is probably one of the best hotels in Tulum, if not THE best (my personal fav is Nomade but anyway). If you’re not staying there already, you should definitely visit the Sunset drinks hour. The good thing is that it is open to the public, but, since it is super popular, there’s a lot of people queuing in line to get in. There’s only a limited amount of space for non-hotel guests, so be sure to be there by 5 PM. Doors open at 5:30, but be there sooner than that if you can. Also, beach clothes, swimsuits and flip flops aren’t allowed, so it’s a great opportunity to dress up a lil bit!

Tulum sunset at Azulik Hotel Birds Nest

Six: Tulum Nightlife

Casa Jaguar on Thursday

Casa Jaguar on Thursday – This has got to be one of the coolest scenes i’ve been to. The food is absolutely yum! But reserve in advance y’all. Casa Jaguar allows walk-ins (thank God), if you’re only there for the after party scene – oh, and the DJ’s on Thursdays are the shiz.

Gitano on Friday 

Gitano on Friday – Just like Casa Jaguar on Thursdays, Gitano is the place to be on Friday. I don’t know if this is the correct term to describe the music, but I call it jungle house music and it’s nothing like I’ve ever listened to before! I loved it, and I hate house music!

Papaya Playa Project on Saturday

PPP is one of the most popular events, and late night party scenes. If you’re there on Saturday, don’t miss out! Especially if there’s a full moon party. Try to buy tickets on facebook prior to the event, to guarantee an entry at any time. If you don’t get the chance to buy tickets, just be there relatively early. There’s different DJ’s on different nights, but Saturdays are supposedly the best.

Rosa Negra everyday

Rosa Negra restaurant/bar is literally a bar taken straight from Mykonos and placed right in the heart of Tulum. The exact same vibes I tell you, and perhaps that’s why I loved it so much! There’s a party every night (I think) where people dine and party on the tables afterwards. The music is awesome, a mixture of everything and the vibes are just perfect. 100% recommend.

I Scream Bar after party

I Scream Bar has got to be one of the coolest places I’ve been to. Right next to Casa Jaguar, this bar is literally in the middle of Tulum beach road and I almost didn’t even notice it. I genuinely thought it was just people partying at a random place but boy was I wrong! I had so much fun! It’s such a chill environment and if you stay till late, you’ll also get the chance to experience a front row show by the bartenders performing sexy dances by Beyonce – I died.

Seven: Roadtrips from Tulum

Roadtrips are a must when visiting Tulum, because hey, there’s much more things to do than party, eat, shop and chill at the beach.

Tulum Ruins

The obvious choice since you’re already in Tulum is the famous Tulum ruins. Although not as impressive as the Chichen Itza, they are definitely worth the visit. The Tulum Ruins aren’t that far away from Tulum Beach Road, and you can do the whole trip in half a day. Even sooner if you’re in a rush, but you should surely go and experience the old Mayan ruins up close and personal.

Also, I feel like I should disclose the fact that planning ahead weather wise it super important. We didn’t really check the weather before we went, and it started pouring rain whilst we were in the middle of the ruins. To cut the long story short, getting back to the car wasn’t an easy walk when it’s raining cats and dogs.

To better plan ahead, read this blog post on some useful tips about the Tulum Ruins!

Azulik Uh May

The thing with Azulik Uh May is that I haven’t actually been there. However, we did plan on visiting, but life got in the way and we unfortunately never made it there. I’ve heard the best things about it, how inspirational the architecture is and how it’s truly a unique place hidden in the middle of the jungle almost making it a jungle within a jungle. It’s supposed to be one of Tulum’s (not that hidden) gems, and anyone who has been there won’t seem to stop bragging about how special the whole experience is.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is considered one of the new seven wonders in the world, and is definitely one of the top attractions in Mexico. It is a little far from Tulum, like 2 hour drive, but hey, all good things in life need some work right? I’d suggest you start early on in the day to get there, as it is extremely booming with tourists! But since you’re already in Mexico, why not take the day for educational purposes.


That’s all folks! Thanks for reading my post on Tulum, Mexico! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it has helped you on your next trip to Tulum!

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-VB x


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